Earth Spirit (2006)

Description (from the IMDb): A trouble, dissipated city youth is influenced by an indigenous spirit to be drawn back home to defend the land of his ancestors against exploitation by oil and mining interests. Major Cast: Robert Tena as Jesse, Larry Roop as Tom, Betty Duarte Matwick as Tela, Cileny Swingler as Pilar, Forrest Wood […]

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Ian Cooke: Antiquasauria (2015)

Bio (condensed from Singer, songwriter, cellist, pianist – Ian Cooke has appeared in SPIN magazine, Finished #1 in the Denver Post Music Poll in 2009, and has been voted Best Avant-Pop for 3 years by Westword Magazine. Cooke’s 2009 album, ‘The Fall I Fell,’ has sold out of two pressings and has been re-pressed with a […]

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The Weirdsies (2015)

Description (from the IMDb): Four geeky friends seeking to lose their virginity go on one last summer adventure after they find out about a very gross and curious rumor they must investigate. Cast: Meredith Host as Kris, Desiree Saetia as Jes, Kate Lewis as Catie, Josh Suire as Josh, Alec Lambert as Lance, Andrew Baltes […]

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Film Log 2015

Here is my list of movies watched in 2015. I think I did a pretty good job of not missing any this year, but that’s always a possibility. I got a good bump by participating in “31 Days of Horror” during October, and I decided to do my days in Alphabetical order, for the most […]

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I’m not dead.

Ryan’s Reviews are coming back.  I have learned my lesson about over-promising reviews (would say “ok” to everyone, and got me way tooooooo backlogged) and am not going to do that anymore.  I will have a new review coming soon.  In the meantime in-betweentime if you had previously submitted a movie to me to review […]

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