Film Log 2016

Here is my list of movies watched in 2016. I feel like I missed writing down a few, but now, at the end of the year, I am unable to remember what. Dammit. The films that I especially liked are in bold, and the ones that I especially did not are in italics. The titles […]

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Brewing fun with #lovewins

Last year, the SCOTUS decided that love was constitutionally protected, be it between two men or two women just like it always has been between a man and a woman.  And as an ally, I thought that was grerat.  My friend Michelle was finally able to marry her (now) wife, Cindy, and they went to […]

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Frustré (2013)

Description (from the IMDb): Constant humiliation from society and a long drift into solitude slowly turn murder fantasies of Fabrice Lombard into an irrepressible impulse and Fabrice Lombard into a serial killer. Major Cast: Christophe Cerdan as Fabrice Lombard, Marianna Voronkova as Agnès, Camille Bardery as Erika, Aurélie Le Dain as Amélie, Céline Costa as […]

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