Don’t Forget About the Classics.

In both the worlds of cult movies and great beer, there are just some classics that need to be recognized for how awesome they are.  I write this as I sit here drinking a 2014 Ommegang Three Philosophers.  This is a readily available, always good beer.  But it’s not a beer that too many people age.  Why not?  It’s a strong Belgian ale (with that delightful touch of kriek that somehow makes the whole thing so cherry) and under the right conditions it ages beautifully.  What I drink tonight, two years after bottling, is a bright cherry with a touch of sharp tang, enough to awaken the senses.  It has depth of character and really is an amazing beer.  So why don’t we age it more often?

Photo by some beer seller or something

When it comes to movies, don’t forget those classics.  Sure, Arrow Video or Scream Factory are going to dig up new “lost films” or “forgotten classics” all the time, but don’t forget those seminal films like Evil Dead II.  How many times have I seen Dead by Dawn?  I have no clue.  Double digits for sure, but no clue how high in the doubles.  Every single time I see it, I laugh when the living room starts laughing at Ash.  Every time.

Dead by dawn!  Dead by daaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn! Deeeeeeaaaaaaaaad by daaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnnn!!!!

So what I’m saying is just this: sure there’s tons of cool new stuff out there, but don’t forget about the classics.  I can always sit down with an aged Three Philosophers and watch Evil Dead II and know that I am going to enjoy my evening. Guaranteed.

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