All About Ryan’s Reviews

Ryan’s Reviews is a page for reviews of low- and no-budget films (budgets less than $1M), music, and craft beer.  If you are interested in submitting your work, please email subject: review my movie/music/beer.  I generally review everything (pretty much) in the order received, but if your movie is going to be distributed and you send it to me before the street date, let me know and I will move it up on the list to try and get it reviewed prior to release.

I’m a low budget filmmaker that has written and directed various short films, a cable-access TV show, two feature films (one that was actually completed, one that fell apart*), and has worked on other people’s low-budget films as a grip, assistant director, editor, composer, actor, and probably some other stuff too.  I also have been an avid beer geek for years and a homebrewer for many years as well, with intentions of opening a brewpub; here’s the site for my beer  If you’re interested, here’s my IMDB page: and here’s my own production company site (with info about my films):

Ryan’s Filmography:
knuckleheads. (2000) – co-writer, director, “Ray”
Max Rudin: Large and in Charge (2002) – director, editor
Time has Come (2003-2004) – co-writer, co-director, editor, various roles
Nacht van de Duivel DVD Speler (2004) – writer, director, editor, “The Man”
Spanking the Monkey (2004) – director, editor
After the End, act I* (2005) – writer, director, editor
Before the End: The Making of 1/3 of a Movie (2005) – editor, Himself
Wedding Slashers (2006) – key grip, production assistant, “Bachelor Party Guest”, “Cousin”
Gimme Skelter (2007) – assistant director (among many other things), “Jimmy Regal’s Patron”, “Cell Phone Guy”
CLUSTER (2007) – writer, director, editor
Defective Man! (2010) – co-writer, director, editor, various roles
I Heart U (2011) – FBI Agent
CLUSTER (2013) – writer, director, editor
Left For Dead (2014) – Composer (some of my music was used, I did not compose original music for the film, though that would have been fun!)

Other than making movies, I am also a writer (of screenplays, poetry, and short stories), and a composer (of electronic and hip-hop music residing somewhere in the musical spectrum between Aphex Twin and DJ Shadow, if you’re interested you can check it out here:  And I do other stuff too, but that’s not really relevant to Ryan’s Reviews!

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