The Summer of Massacre (2011)

Description (condensed from This movie is insane, actually insane is an understatement. It’s a 100 MPH gore ride that never slows down. This film offers you not one but 8 maniacal, terrifying, relentless, and unstoppable killers.  Joe Castro, a direct protege from Herschell Gordon Lewis, The Godfather of Gore helms the creation of this […]

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Bite Marks (2011)

Description (from the IMDb): Truck-driver Brewster takes over his missing brother’s delivery of a load of coffins to a funeral home. He picks up hitchhiking gay couple Cary and Vogel whose relationship is in trouble to help him stay awake but when his GPS leads them into a deserted junkyard, his truck breaks down, stranding […]

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Bludgeon #0

Description (from This issue follows Mike as he is arriving in Albuquerque. He stumbles upon a coffee shop called “Burial Grounds”, in which he meets a very over-enthusiastic barista by the name of Alice. After which, he gets ready to start his investigations. It offers an introduction to the character, as well as hints […]

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Pornography: A Thriller (2009)

Description (from Set in the world of gay adult entertainment, Pornography: A Thriller weaves together three different but curiously related stories centering on the mysterious disappearance of quintessential “boy-next-door” porn star Mark Anton. Major Cast: Matthew Montgomery as Michael Castigan, Pete Scherer as Matt Stevens, Jared Grey as Mark Anton, Walter Delmar as William/Jason […]

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