Mega Gem: Colors of the West (2012)

Bio (from Denver-based collective Mega Gem maintains the philosophy of “the more, the merrier.” Which is fitting, because oftentimes the band’s stage is filled with as many musicians and vocalists as possible. While the core group revolves around 7-10 members, the band’s live shows can include up to 20 musicians, all bolstering the group’s […]

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These Curious Thoughts: What Is It, and How Did it Get in There? (2013)

Bio (from As modern-day pen pals, Sean Dunlop (US) and Jamie Radford (UK) have utilized the Internet to remain in contact and compose their unique songs for nearly a decade. Being separated by the Atlantic Ocean has had little affect on the productivity of this musical partnership. Radford provides lyrics and inspiration via email […]

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Haiduk: Spellbook (2012)

I received SPELLBOOK from Haiduk a while back for review, and while I am open to any genre, this one really just went over my head. I know very, very little about death metal or melodic death or really anything that might have to do with corpsepaint that’s not METALOCALYPSE. So in order to not […]

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Skulastic: Skulastic (2013)

Bio (from Canada has an emerging female rapper/producer and her name is Skulastic. Born and raised in Vancouver, Skulastic delivers lyrics that are honest, personal and flow with confidence. Her production style ranges from traditional sample based beats to complete originals. Skulastic’s self produced self-titled debut album is a breath of Fresh Canadian air […]

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