Living Dead at Ziegfreidt & Roy

Description (from A lone figure stumbles in from the dark, telling tales of terror and destruction… warning of the beginning of the end. The living have been twisted beyond recognition, into foul, demented creatures of fury and depravity. The dead are rising to join them. And the last diner at the end of the […]

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Squirrel Eyes

Description (from SQUIRREL EYES is the story of Alvin Bandy, lifelong movie junkie and would-be filmmaker, who finds himself alone in Hollywood after his girlfriend Alison sends him packing in favor of another man. With his career — if you can call it that, when it consists of one incredibly bad movie he wrote […]

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Bludgeon #0

Description (from This issue follows Mike as he is arriving in Albuquerque. He stumbles upon a coffee shop called “Burial Grounds”, in which he meets a very over-enthusiastic barista by the name of Alice. After which, he gets ready to start his investigations. It offers an introduction to the character, as well as hints […]

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