Music and Movie Hiatus makes Ryan a Sad Panda :(

Hello everyone.  Today I am a sad panda.  I have come to the realization that without help I just can not keep up with the demand.  I have so many submissions to review, and I want to give each one the time and attention it deserves.  I don’t write short little blurbs, I take the time to watch/listen closely and write an in-depth review.  I don’t want to just gloss over your movie or music, I want to take the time to explain why I felt the way I did, what you did good and bad, why others should take the time or money to check it out for themselves.  With having a family, and a full time job, this has become increasingly difficult.

How I feel today
How I feel today

Right now, the time between when I receive your movie and when I can get a review up is averaging about 18 months.  A year and a half.  That’s craziness, and as a filmmaker I know how much it sucks to wait and wait and wait for a review.  For music it’s somewhere between 10 – 12 months.  Also crazy.  So I have decided that I am going to stop accepting new movies and music to review until I can catch up a bit.  Every time I add a new movie to the list, that time to wait gets a bit longer and a bit longer.  So, I just need to stop adding to the list for a while.

Just don't want to feel run over anymore...
Just don’t want to feel run over anymore…

I will continue to review what is already on the list.  So if you sent me a movie or music, do think it was in vain.  It will just take (as I told you when you emailed me) a very, VERY long time.  And since they take a lot less time, I will continue to do new beer reviews.  But as of today, I am not going to be able to accept new movie or music reviews.  And I am a very sad panda.


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