CLUSTER has a poster and a preview…

The debut for CLUSTER, my newest short film (first one in many years) is soon at the Oshkosh Horror Film Fest.  In preperation for this, I have cut a preview and have also put together a one-sheet and wanted to share them here.  The poster art was created by freelance comic book artist Greg Freeland II, and you can see more of his work here.

CLUSTER (2013)
CLUSTER (2013)

CLUSTER is also now an official, real, we’re-not-kidding type movie, as you can look it up on the IMDb! Now that the film and the preview are cut, I am going to start working on the short behind-the-scenes documentary that I plan on putting on the DVD release.  Hopefully that footage is usable / interesting / good.  Once that’s done then I’ll start sending out the Kickstarter rewards to our backers…

So now CLUSTER is going out to reviewers (are you a reviewer?  wanna write me a review?  email me! and more film festivals and we’re trying to get more exposure.  Every little bit helps.  It’s taken a lot longer than planned, but I’m glad we’re at this point where the work on my end becomes much more minimal… now I just have to prepare for the emotional (as people may or may not like it!)


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