Done? Done. Done? Done!

CLUSTER (2013)
CLUSTER (2013)’s title screen.  Sparse.  Utilitarian.  Unassuming. 

Finally, finally, FINALLY, after a way-too-long and winding road, I can say that CLUSTER is done.  All that is left is a little final polish on the levels on the sound and putting together the press kit.  I am waiting on the art for the poster, and that will be up here once it gets put together.  CLUSTER has already been submitted to one film festival, and we will find out if we got in or not sometime next week hopefully, and once I get the press kit put together it will start going out to others.

The Pain sees you.  And so does his gun.
The Pain sees you. And so does his gun.

Once it starts making the rounds to festivals and critics (are you a critic?  email me at if you are interested in reviewing an 8 minute short film!) I am going to work on the behind-the-scenes piece for the DVD and start putting together the Kickstarter rewards packages.  Thanks everyone on Kickstarter that helped fund CLUSTER.  Once it gets accepted in a festival, I can get it listed on IMDb and it will be an official piece of movie history forever!  Or at least until the end of the interwebs.  Yay movies!


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