Interview: David C. Snyder (5/1/13)

For my next audio interview I spoke with independent filmmaker and music producer David C. Snyder.  I have reviewed his movies THE QUIET ARRANGEMENT and DARK OF WINTER (here), and will be posting my review for his next film SWING LOWE SWEET CHARIOTE soon.  Snyder makes (at least, so far) crime drama related films, and SLSC falls into that niche with a coming-of-age story set on the mean streets of Cleveland.  TQA was a kidnap/suspense drama, and DoW was crime drama via David Lynch.

Snyder, with "director hands"
Snyder, with “director hands”
For SWSC, Snyder tried to rally the city of Cleveland.  The story was written by “Cleveland’s own Stella,” a local author, stars Cleveland actors, and was shot on loction in Cleveland.
Snyder directs on SLSC
Snyder directs on SLSC

I’ve been very impressed with the production quality and the quality of the performances he gets on such a small budget, and I can’t wait to see what he brings next!

Snyder and Kyle Jason on DoW
Snyder and Kyle Jason on DoW

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