When Darkness Falls: The Power EP (2013)

Bio (from facebook.com/pages/When-Darkness-Falls):
When Darkness Falls is the most powerful and explosive band to come out of Acoma pueblo, a small reservation in New Mexico. WDF is a band of brothers out to show the world that Native Americans can hold their own with other major metal acts.

Turtle (Vocals), Zack (Vocals), Dutch (Guitar), Roe (Guitar), Jay (Bass) Bucky (Drums)

Like BLOODSTONE (review here) before it, THE POWER is here to rock your face off.  It doesn’t just take it off, it then proceeds to set your face on fire and toss it out the window.  These dudes understand how to ROCK.

When Darkness Falls is a six-piece metal band with two lead singers that allows them to work both the screamed and sung avenues of metal.  Musically, WDF is heavy, fast, thrashy metal, driven by the onslaught if Bucky Vallo’s drums.  Their dueling guitarists also allow for a interesting duality of sound that highlights the two singer dynamic.  They are extremely heavy and technical, and any metalhead looking for a return to the time pre-nü-metal BS should be checking them out.

WDF on stage at the Gathering of Nations
WDF on stage at the Gathering of Nations

While everyone in the band is good at what they do – the guitars are thundering, the bass back beautifully and occasionally steps up to the foreground, and the singers can both sing & scream – it’s hard to not be impressed by Vallo.  If you read my review of WDF’s last album, I talked about this before… but THE POWER just reaffirms my amazement with his playing.  Seriously: I get tired just listening to him play.  Vallo plays the dual kick drums faster than a lot of drummers can hit a snare.  While he’s fast, Vallo’s not just all show; his beats are interesting, varied, monstrously heavy, and the perfect backbone for THE POWER.

The full band of brothers that is WDF
The full band of brothers that is WDF

While I enjoy metal, and heavier music in general, I’m just not a big fan of screaming, at least, not as the main for of communication, musically.  I think screaming can be a great exclamation point, on a sentence, or as a way to show a depth of emotion, but too much of it and I tune out.  That is my only issue with THE POWER – and WDF in general – is the balance of screaming/growling to singing.  I would say that the balance is about 70 / 30, and for me it should be about opposite that.  For those of you that don’t mind your metal barked at you, you’re gonna love WDF.

The crowd goes wild
The crowd goes wild

I have to highlight one track on THE POWER, “Band of Brothers.”  Musically, it’s not my favorite (that would probably have to go to “Beseech” or the title track), but lyrically I have to give it a nod.  This is a metal tribute to our armed forces, and coming from a military family I really appreciate that.  “Brother to brother / My blood is yours / We would die for each other / My band of brothers.”  I get the impression that these lines, while no doubt about the military (later: “To all the men and women of the Army: hooah!”), I think it may also apply to the members of WDF.

Overall I enjoy WDF, and I think THE POWER is another fine album from them.  For my personal tastes, I just wish there was more singing and less screaming, but musically I really dig what they do.  WDF rocks.  Plain and simple.


Overall 7/10

THE POWER for sale: http://www.facebook.com/pages/When-Darkness-Falls

THE POWER site: http://www.reverbnation.com/whendarknessfalls

When Darkness Falss: The Power (2013)
When Darkness Falss: The Power (2013)

2 thoughts on “When Darkness Falls: The Power EP (2013)

  1. Thanks for the support ! Being the front man I will put some more sing to even out the sceam lol ! But thanks keep those horns up bro!!!!

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