Today! Today! TODAY!!!

The Pain assaults The Man
The Pain assaults The Man

Well, it’s finally here.  After quite a few months of planning, a successful Kickstarter campaign, and actually YEARS since the script was written, today is the day I shoot my next short film, CLUSTER.  This will be my first film project since I moved from Albuquerque to San Antonio, and I’m really looking forward to getting back into the director’s chair.  It’s been too long.  We shoot all day today, and possibly some tomorrow, and then we get into post-production which I hope to not take more than a couple of months.  The film is short – I expect it will end up being about 5-7 minutes long – so the editing should be pretty easy.  Then there will be color correction, sound effects, and getting a score written that fits the mood, so it’s those things that will likely take the longest.

"The Eye Gag"
“The Eye Gag”

The film is a visual metaphor, an explanation for people who wonder how it truly feels to have debilitating headaches.  I originally wrote and shot the film back in 05 or 06, but the effects were planned to be CGi instead of practical, and they never got finished, so the film has languished.  This time all of the effects will be done on set, and should be pretty horrific.  While this is a metaphor, it’s also going to be pretty hardcore and scary (I hope).

The Pain sees you.  The Pain sees all.
The Pain sees you. The Pain sees all.

So here’s to the people here in San Antonio that are helping on cast and crew, to the people that helped me make it the first time, and to movies in general!  Let’s make some art!


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