Saucer Sex Peep Show (2011)

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Scientist Thomas Newton is trying to contact other world and creatures from dimension Z at the same time trying to make the robot super solider Sluggo for the evil General Krueger. What horrors await in Dimension Z? Starring Steven Guynn, Claude Miles, Cherokee Hall, Roni Jonah, and cult director Tim Ritter as ‘Dr. Ritter’.

Major Cast:
Steven Guynn as Dr. Newton, Claude Miles as Dr. Burrows, Cherokee Hall Sluggo the Horny Robot, Keith Dodson as General Kruger

Special Features:

Written and Directed by Jerry Williams

Color me confused. That was my overarching feeling in watching SEX SAUCER PEEP SHOW: confusion. The note that the director included described SSPS as “Kind of Ed Woods meets HnR Puffnstuff [sic]” so I was expecting weirdness and I was expecting it to be bad, in a good way. I was not prepared for the weirdness that was about to unfold on my screen.

SSPS is, as far as I can follow, about some scientists who used to be friends and now are more like acquaintances. One is working on a killer robot to destroy communists, and both are working on a portal to Dimension Z. Everyone works for the government. Oh, also, there is a TV show called “Peep Show” that is hosted by Spengo, a pig finger puppet, and that show is interviewing one of the scientists and also showing a sci-fi flick called NAUGHTY ROBOT, KILL KILL! Confused yet? Yeah, me too. And if that wasn’t weird enough, there’s also a woman doing a lot of spanking for money, more puppets, and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t quite understand.

Spengo with some awesome acting. Awesome acting indeed!

While watching SSPS, all I could think of (other than “good goddamn I’m confused!”) was public access TV. That was the overwhelming aesthetic from SSPS; something made for public access by someone that just got started on the TV station. It almost felt like sketch comedy – except that I wasn’t really laughing – rather than a cohesive plot; like someone had a bunch of episodes of a weird sci-fi public access TV show and edited them together into a movie. Doing a little research into SSPS I found that this is the 3rd of a four (or more) part series of movies. Maybe if I had see the first two I would understand more what the hell is going on… maybe not.

The Lieutenant, um, Major, uh, General getting spanked in front of one of many very-green green screens.

Where to begin on the technical side of things? I knew when it was described as “Ed Wood” that SSPS was not going to be a beautifully shot masterpiece of cinema. Right from the beginning of the flick (which I’m pretty sure was shot in 4:3 but automatically spread to 16:9 on my TV) it was apparent that there was little to no budget for anything. SSPS was seemingly shot on an older, low-quality digital camera, using only on-camera sound. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; you work with what you have and I’ve seen many a flick shot on an old digital camera with no lights or audio that was entertaining and fun to watch. Unfortunately, SSPS was not one of them. I think at least 99% of the movie was shot by setting a camera on a tripod and hitting record; there is no camera movement, no thought in the composition of the shots, and really no visually interesting shots in the entire movie. Most of the film seems to have been made in a basement or a garage in front of a green screen… that never had images added! That’s right: more than half of the movie has a green screen of some sort in the shot, but that screen is just GREEN. I wondered to myself if this was an unfinished version of the movie, but if that were the case why wouldn’t the director tell me that?

On the people side of things, SSPS doesn’t fare much better. Beyond the very hard to follow plot, the story is not done any favors by the acting; not one person in the film really did much “acting,” I didn’t feel like any of the characters were, well, characters. They were people reading lines, sometimes with more emphasis than others.

Did I mention there was a character named Trouser Snake? No? Ok, there’s a giant cock named Trouser Snake. Why? Your guess is as good as mine…

The poor quality continues on many other ways. First, as I mentioned before, the vast majority of the movie is seemingly in basements or garages, and what isn’t shot in a garage is in various random, non-introduced places (I had no idea where the hell this thing was supposed to be happening). Secondly, the “General” had a insignia for a Major on his cap, and the combination of a Captain and 1st Lieutenant on his shoulders… a General has a star, or multiple stars, seems like that would be an easy insignia to fake. Third, a bunch of the characters had stuff VISIBLY SCOTCH TAPED TO THEIR SHIRTS. A set of iron-on paper costs a few bucks. According to IMDb, this movie had a budget of $10,000 (which I seriously doubt, I really hope this didn’t cost $10k!), you could spend a few bucks on iron-ons. I could go on. And on. But I won’t.

SSPS wasn’t all bad. I don’t want you to think there was nothing good about the flick, because that’s not true. I love to see puppets in films, so it was nice that there were a few in SSPS. There were a few good jokes here and there, especially little visual jokes like the Doctor pulling an ashtray out of his pocket. Also, SSPS did make notice of the fact that it IS bad with lines like “What kind of horseshit is this? They’re fucking Christmas tree lights!” I think SSPS was going for camp, but for camp you have to have good people acting badly, and unfortunately SSPS just came off as cheese… bad people acting badly.

An “alien” from Dimension Z strangles someone in front of another very-green green screen.

Overall, I just was completely unimpressed with SSPS. It was convoluted, confusing, and badly written, produced, and edited. It was supposed to be a sci-fi, but there was nothing scientific about it; it was supposed to be a comedy, but it wasn’t very funny. Maybe I’m missing it; maybe I just don’t get it. Maybe, just maybe, SSPS is really funny and I just completely missed the point, or I’m too lost because I didn’t see the first two movies in the series. Or maybe it’s just really confusing and weird and I’m not the only person that would think so. There may be people out there that will love SSPS, I’m just not one of them.

Overall 2.5 / 10

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Saucer Sex Peep Show (2011)

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