Missing You (2012)

Description (from missingyoumovie.com):
Missing You is the comical story of Laura, an intelligent and beautiful young woman with a plan for her life. Laura is painfully aware of her fast approaching 30th birthday and the fact that her dream of finding “the one” is still just a dream. Meanwhile, Rick, a handsome and successful young man struggles to understand women, as he too, is hoping to find that special someone. Laura and Rick share similar interests, goals, and desires. They live in the same city, frequent some of the same establishments, and even know some of the same people. Their paths have crossed, but they have never met. Will they continue to miss each other? Or will they eventually find one another? And if they meet, what will happen?

Major Cast:
Lauren Myers as Laura, Spencer Wright as Rick, Merritt C. Glover as Camille, Phil Duran as Arnie, Billy Garberina as Jimmy, Megan Pribyl as Britney

Special Features:
Alternate Ending

Written and Directed by Phil Duran

MISSING YOU is a rarity in independent film.  Not only is it a romantic comedy – which, for whatever reason, is not often attempted at low budget even though it is perfectly suited to it – it is a romantic comedy that is not completely sappy and predictable.  I mean, yes: they’re going to get together in the end.  No spoiler there, unless you’re completely naïve and have never, ever, ever seen a romantic comedy before.  What makes MY different is the fact that it is not this sappy, “missing you” kind of romantic weepfest; it is a story of two people that really truly want to find someone to love, and keep missing out on each other.

One of "those days"

What I really liked about MY was the structure of the film.  It is the story of Laura, turning 30 and nowhere close to where she wanted to be in life, and it is the story of Rick, a nice guy with a nice job that doesn’t want just the cheap lay his pal Arnie would easily settle for.  MY sets up the characters through a series of scenes that alternate between Laura and her friend Camille discussing what Laura wants, and Rick and his horndog friend Arnie talking about what Rick should want (according to Arnie, all men want is women, beer, and football… or more specifically women that will serve them beer while they are watching football, and sleep with them at halftime).  As the plot progresses, we continually see Laura and Rick almost meeting each other, almost getting set up on a date, almost frequenting the same travel agent, almost… but always missing each other.

MY is a fun, funny film that can live in the “romantic comedy” realm without ending up in the “mushy and annoying” area that so many romcoms inhabit.  It is filled with a bunch of real people, with real issues, and real lives.  There was nothing about MY that made me feel I had to suspend my disbelief (except for the scenes that are in “the south of France,” I had to suspend a little disbelief for that).  It was a very realistic look at love in the life of a couple of near-30-somethings.

The "South of France"

The acting in MY was good overall; my focus was on Lauren Myers who I felt was the standout on the acting front.  Laura was a completely believable character, cute and funny, and just fun to watch.  Spencer Wright also held his own; though his performance was not quite as natural and believable as Myers, it was much better than many a low-budget performance.  All of the main characters were well performed, and I also enjoyed a few of the Albuquerque regular cameos.  Billy Garberina was fun as the slimy blind date to Laura, Megan Prybil as the vacant, vapid date for Rick, and I especially enjoyed Jeremy Owen as a flamboyant travel agent.

Billy Garberina, used car sales... er, desirable dating material

The production of the film was good overall.  The camera work was nothing special, but it was enough to keep the film visually interesting and was regularly composed of images and angles that are pleasing to the eye.  One would not expect a romcom to have sweeping, fluid camera work or quick jump cuts, so MY had a solid, expected performance when it comes down to the composition.  The technical aspects were pretty well done too; the lighting was natural and the sound – while not the best aspect of the movie – was passable.  I should temper these statements by telling you that the version of the film I watched was the almost-done version, as Duran put it “there are still a few (4) tweaks to be done, and we are waiting on the remastered music.”  I especially enjoyed the music in the film; it was a nice compliment to the story on-screen.

Overall, I really enjoyed MY more than I expected to.  In general, I am not a romcom kinda guy.  Sure, there are exceptions (see my review for GEEK WAR here), but in general it’s just not a genre I enjoy.  MY was a romcom I enjoyed.  It was funny, intelligent, filled with real people, and stayed away from the sappy end of the film spectrum, and I especially appreciated that it was a low-budget entry into a genre that just seems to be avoided by low-budget filmmakers.  A fun flick all around.

Overall 7 / 10

MY is not on the IMDB yet.

MY is not for sale yet.

MY site: http://www.missingyoumovie.com/

Missing You (2012)

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