Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012… and some free stuff!

Hello out there,

so just a little wrap up for 2011 and a look forward to 2012.  This year saw the re-launch of Ryan’s Reviews, which had originally existed on MySpace from Sept. 2005 until Oct. of 2008; at that time I abandoned MySpace, and with it Ryan’s Reviews.  A lot of that decision had to do with how much MySpace had become a haven for tweens, gangstas, and overall people I just had no interest in knowing, and a lot of that decision was because my son was born in August of 2008, and having a newborn does not make watching and reviewing movies an easy task.  During that time I reviewed 33 features and shorts, and also a book (fittingly about movie reviews) and a film festival.  This year I realized how much I missed reviewing independent movies, and how I had such a hard time finding someone that was really doing reviews for this type of movie, without being just a “horror” site or just a “comedy” site or whatever.  So in March I came back with my first new review, and have been trying to keep it up as often as a guy with a 3-year-old and a full time job can… especially since I do this for no compensation (other than the movies!)  This year I have written 35 feature and short film reviews, in May I started adding music reviews (8 of those), and also have (intended, not completed much on this one) to add book reviews – one comic book so far.  I also added a few more interviews to the mix.  It’s been a productive year.

For next year I intended to continue to review as many movies and music releases as I can, and I also am hoping that I will be able to do more with the book reviews very, very (I’m sorry authors I know I’ve had your stuff to read forEVER) soon.  I also am going to add more images to the reviews and interviews.  I hope to continue the readership of the site, and I hope you as a reader will take a minute to tell others about the site if you like it.  The filmmakers/artists/authors represented here need your support.  They do not have big studios or publishers behind them, they are putting in the work and trying to get people to see/hear/read what they’ve done.  So please, if you like Ryan’s Reviews, take a sec to post about it on Facebook, or tweet it on Twitter, or do whatever else is cool and hip out there to get people on the site and reading about this stuff.  I thank you.  And as a side note, should Ryan’s Reviews be on Twitter?  It’s on Facebook at already…  Oh, and Jan 1st I will post my Film Log for 2011.  Every film I watched this year.  If you’re interested.

Finally, the good people at Breaking Glass Pictures have offered a Holiday Deal to all the readers here at Ryan’s Reviews.  Go to, choose as many movies as you’d like (a decent lot of which were reviewed here this year!) and when you check out enter the code horrorholiday and get $6 off each and every title you buy.  Pretty sweet deal, just for reading Ryan’s Reviews.  They don’t say how long this coupon code will last, so don’t dawdle.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you back here next year.  Oh, and if you like the page, feel free to “follow” it, so you get notified when one of the many, many titles over there on my “to-be-reviewed” list gets finished and posted!  See you in 2012!


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