Contest = Free Stuff!

In an effort to raise some awareness of the site, and of my own low-budget movie, I am having a contest.  There are a few ways to enter.  #1 (Facebook): Go to, like the Facebook incarnation of Ryan’s Reviews, and go to, and like DEFECTIVE MAN!  Then post a status update tagging both and tell your friends to go and like my stuff too!  #2 (WordPress): Link to Ryan’s Reviews and let me know you did by emailing me (  #3 (IMDb): Go to DEFECTIVE MAN!’s IMDb page,, and write a review of the movie (or at least the preview, which is available on my site, and then email me and let me know you’ve done it.

You can enter any way you want.  You can enter 3 times by doing all three!  This will go between NOW and December 1st, at which time I will randomly select 3 people to receive a Duke City Limited Edition (only 60 made) of DEFECTIVE MAN! and also a limited edition (only 40 made) DEFECTIVE MAN! T-Shirt made by Gamma Unlimited.  Have at it!


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