Bloodlust Zombies (2011)

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Like typical 9-to-5 cubicle dwellers, the workers at Zlantoff Industries are just counting down the minutes and seconds by the end of the day. And just like any office, mishaps are bound to happen: split coffee, jammed fax machines… mutant viral outbreaks. When a chemical spill in the lab on an otherwise uneventful weekday puts the entire office on emergency lockdown, the entire staff unwittingly becomes the first test subjects for an experimental mutant virus. Now, if the biological weapon doesn’t spur cannibalistic murder, the passive aggressive office banter surely will.

Featuring adult film superstar Alexis Texas in a breakout role, Bloodlust Zombies is a rollercoaster ride of sex, gore and action. Part office satire, part apocalyptic catastrophe, director Dan Lantz’s debut feature keeps the laughs – and heads – rolling.

Alexis Texas as Andrea, Janice Marie as Judy, Adam Danoff as Darren, Robert Heath as Bobby Lee, Sarah Dewey as Sandra, Robb Stech as Lab Tech

Special Features:
None (Screener Copy)

Written and Directed by Dan Lantz

I am a fan of zombie movies.  There’s no two ways about it, this genre is one of my favorites.  I just checked: I have 49 zombie flicks in my collection.  I like zombies.  I like scary zombie flicks, I like funny zombie flicks, I like Italian zombie flicks, I like Japanese zombie flicks, I like big budget zombie flicks, I like low budget zombie flicks.  I think you get my point.  As I am such a big fan, I have seen lots of variations on the themes presented.  Sometimes filmmakers use zombie movies as social satire (DAWN OF THE DEAD), sometimes they are straight up comedies (DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS!), and sometimes they’re made to satisfy the gorehounds (THE BEYOND).  A zombie movie can do a lot of different things, when it’s done well; when it’s not done well it can be one of the most forgettable types of movies made… BLOODLUST ZOMBIES is on the more forgettable side of things.

BZ is not a horrible zombie film; don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen much, MUCH worse (RAIDERS OF THE LIVING DEAD for example).  It just doesn’t really do anything to make it stand out from the very deep pack it is in.  BZ is trying to be a zombie comedy, with a little bit of scary thrown in.  Unfortunately I didn’t feel like it was really funny enough to be a comedy (though it did have its moments), or scary enough to be a horror. The scary comes from everyone being trapped in a building with zombies, but that’s been done a thousand times before.  Technically they are not zombies, but people infected by a biological weapon gone wrong… again, done a thousand times before.  That’s really what I kept coming back to watching BZ: this has been done before.  All of it.  There was nothing original about the flick.  If you are new to the zombie movie game, it might feel fresh, but for anyone that’s seen as many as I have, this is all regurgitation.

The gorehounds will most certainly be disappointed with BZ, as it has at most a few bites with a little arterial spray.  Oh, there is an ear that gets cut off, and a few bullet hits, but really tame stuff when you look at what they were already doing with zombie movie gore back in the 70’s and 80’s.  A missing ear just does not get the same reaction as watching a horde of zombies literally tear someone in two.  Granted, there is no opportunity for a horde in this flick, because the cast is so small.  I believe at most I saw three zombies on screen at once… might have been two.  BZ is low budget, but I have seen movies with much smaller budgets that manage to make the amount of zombies in this film seem very anemic (for a great example, see NECROVILLE).

On the technical side, the video was decently crisp, the lighting was good, and the sound worked well.  The directing was solid; the actors all gave good performances (with just a few small exceptions in some of the minor roles), and the composition of the shots were good.  There was never anything outstanding in the camera work, never anything that made me say “wow, that was a nice shot,” but on the flip-side there also were not cut-off heads and out of focus shots either.  I guess the best word to describe the cinematography is “competent,” it did its job.

The big selling point of BZ, according to most the press attached, is that BZ is the non-porn acting debut of Alexis Texas.  Usually when a movie sells itself on a statement like that, I don’t have high hopes.  If a movie’s press talks about all this awesome stuff, and oh, by the way, it’s also a debut of so-and-so, then fine.  Not the case here.  Alexis Texas does a decent job in BZ as the survivor girl.  She starts weak and her character gets strong, as you would expect from that role.  To answer what I know a lot of people are asking, yes, she gets topless (in the first 10 minutes), and she’s not the only one.  That is a “pro” for this movie, as she is a good-looking woman for sure (and not having average super-ginormous-obviously-fake porn star boobs helps too), but it is not enough of a pro to pull BZ from the forgettable category.

Overall, I just couldn’t find much to cheer about in BZ.  It was not bad, but when you make a zombie movie it has to be more than “not bad,” it needs to do something to get some attention.  Make it really scary, or really funny, or really gory… it needs something to make it stand out from the pack of all the other zombie movies.  While BZ was a decently made low budget feature, it just didn’t do enough to stand out; not even Alexis Texas’ boobs could save it.

Overall 5 / 10

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