My Last Day (2010)

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Tom Melvin is stuck in a mundane job with an unbearable boss, Jason Arnold. Because of the structure of authority, Tom is unable to do anything about this. When Jason goes too far, Tom decides to make it his last day.

Gabe Fremuth as Tom, Brian O’Hara as Jason, Lindsay Lamb as Jenna, Elizabeth Closter as Amy

Special Features:
None (Screener)

Written and Directed by Marc Van Osdale

I like movies that don’t feel the need to spell everything out for the audience.  I especially like movies that leave questions unanswered, and leave ambiguous situations, well, ambiguous.  MY LAST DAY does exactly that.

MLD is a quick little psychological thriller that plays on liquor store clerk Tom’s (justified) dislike for his jerk of a boss, Jason.  Jason doesn’t do much around the store, other than tell Tom what to do, interrupt Tom while he’s doing what he should be doing, and belittle him for having the more menial of two pretty-menial jobs.  After a crappy day at work, Tom thinks about making the next day his last.  Or would it be Jason’s last day?

MLD was made as a student film, and it is very well done.  Shot in HD, the picture quality is gorgeous, and sound quality is above average.  Also, the shots are interesting in their composition, and the camera moves enough to keep it interesting but not so much to be a music video.  The music is well composed, well mixed, and works with the mood of the film.  The acting by both leads is believable, and the two minor characters do a pretty decent job as well.  The dialogue is mostly natural sounding; there’s nothing catchy or quotable, but in truth this isn’t the sort of film I would expect to be quotable.  The story was well written, and moved along at a good pace without a lot of filler or unnecessary expositon.  There was very little to not like about the film.

The very little I didn’t like about MLD were a situation presented, and some of the lighting.  Any liquor store clerk at all, even a minimally-functional jerk like Jason, would have checked IDs on girls saying they were buying rum for their 21st birthday party; the repercussions involved in selling to minors are just too severe to NOT check.  The lighting overall was very natural, and worked ok; it made me wonder if there WAS any true lighting or if the film was lit by the lights available in the locations.  In general, this worked well for MLD, but in the darker scenes (which made me think even more that the lights were just the real lights) the lighting was just not enough.  And the flickering of the TV light in HD made me a little queasy.

Overall, these cons are well outweighed by the pros of MLD.  It was an enjoyable little film that did a commendable job of building suspense in a very short time.  I look forward to seeing what Van Osdale could do with a budget and a longer amount of screen time to play with.

Overall 8 / 10

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