The (re)Start

Hello there.  My name’s Ryan, and I watch way too many movies.  I also write and direct movies; you can check out my stuff at if you’d like, or my listing on IMDB is

While I enjoy movies of all types, the fact that I am a low-budget filmmaker has created a special place in my heart for films of the low and no-budget variety.  What do I mean by low/no budget?  Less than 5 digits in the budget.  The amount of money most “real” movies spend on craft services.  With the right planning, preparation, talent, and skills, a great movie can be made for less than $100,000.  As a matter of fact, a great movie can be made for less than $1,000.  It all comes down to how good the script is, and how well it was executed.

As someone that has worked on various low/no budget films (my feature, Defective Man!,  was made in the “4 digit” budget range) I know how hard it can be to get someone to watch and review a microbudgeted feature.  I am here to watch and review those movies.

This blog was on MySpace for years, but who still frequents that post-apocalyptic wasteland of teenagers and gangstas?  Well, a few people I guess, jut not me.  I have decided to re-start Ryan’s Reviews here on WordPress ( so that anyone can access the site, not just those people still on MySpace.  I will be re-posting the old reviews, and am open to new reviews.

If you made a movie that sounds like it would be a good fit for this blog, please contact me at subject: review my movie.  Tell me a little bit about your movie, and we can discuss getting it reviewed here.  I am open to all genres of film – as long as the budget fits – but am particularly drawn to horror and comedy.

It’s time to get this party started.  I hope you enjoy the reviews, and if you are a filmmaker, I hope to hear from you!


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