Wet Heat (RePost from the old Ryan’s Reviews site)

Description: None – screener

Major Cast:
Casey Bowker as Teen Ape, Billy Garberina as La Femme la Douche, Meredith Host as Scooter, Kurt Indovina as Huck, Jesse Ames as Barbeau, Josh Suire as Leo, Katherine Indovina as Mrs. President, Chaz Voltaire as Mr. President, Heather Maxon as Robot C-cup69

Written and Directed by Chris Seaver

Every time I watch a new LBP film – well, almost every time – I am quite happy to see the step up in quality from the last LBP film I watched. Sometimes the differences are minute, sometimes the differences are amazing (for example the step up in quality achieved upon the release of Carnage for the Destroyer). As far as production quality, there is not a giant leap between Teen Ape Goes to Camp and Wet Heat – the lighting, sound, etc. is pretty similar – but I did notice a step up in a couple of categories: props and acting.

While I don’t think I really need to discuss the props – they’re better than earlier LBP films (except the mustaches), ’nuff said – the acting in this film really is a step up from earlier LBP. Yes, it is still very much the tongue-in-cheek, face-in-cheese style of acting that I have come to know and love in the years I have been eagerly consuming more and more LBP, however in Wet Heat everyone just seems to really “get it.” I know that Seaver creates most of the performances himself, through particular pronunciation (LBP can make pretty much any word into a punch line), pre-produced ticks and body language, and an overall aesthetic of camp that is very much LBP’s own. In Wet Heat, the LBP regulars are all spot-on with the aesthetic, and LBP newcomer Billy Garberina’s La Femme la Douche is way over the top – in a really good way… think Dr. Frank-N-Furter on acid. Or maybe ecstasy.

Wet Heat is Seaver’s Escape from New York (with some Terminator 3 thrown into the mix) meets the satire of South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. Teen Ape is the Snake Plissken character (even going so far as having multiple people remark “I thought you were dead” upon Teen Ape’s appearances), recruited by Peter Billingsly (“Ralphie” from A Christmas Story, if you didn’t know that) to rescue the President of Movies from the evil La Femme la Douche and his minions fresh from the local “school for slow kids.” The South Park feeling comes in as we see that this film is a rip on the Hollywood system – instead of ripping on the MPAA like in South Park, Wet Heat rips on the crap that Hollywood regularly serves up as “entertainment.” One of my favorite bits of dialogue between Mrs. President of Movies and Teen Ape: “…to see the anguish and disgust on the audiences faces as they walk out of things like Wild Hogs or Tobelrone, the Cotton Candy Robot.” “Shit girl, Tobelrone was a tour de force…”

Overall, Wet Heat is a great addition to the LBP canon. If you enjoy silly situational parody of pop culture, campy acting, self-referential jokes, bloody jokes, boobie jokes, and basically what makes LBP, well, LBP – you will find much to laud in Wet Heat. Classic LBP, but just a bit better than before! Plus, the music (while mostly ska) is great, and a week after watching the film, I still have The Highgears’ Wet Heat theme song playing in my head. I will leave you with this, probably the line that made me laugh the most in this film: “My neck’s broke – I’ll see you in hell.” As long as hell is showing LBP.

Overall 7.5 / 10

Wet Heat is not on the imdb.

Wet heat for sale: http://www.lowbudgetpictures.net

Wet Heat site: http://www.lowbudgetpictures.net


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