Modify (RePost from the old Ryan’s Reviews site)

Description (from the box):
All of us know we should not pre-judge others. Does this feeling of acceptance apply to people who modify their body beyond what is normal? Extreme is relative to perception. What is normal? Everyone modifies their body in one form or another to help show on the outside how they feel on the inside. You will meet more than thirty of the most modified people that have ever lived, and the amazing body artists that have changed them forever.

We traveled the USA documenting more than 50 body modification procedures including tanning, waxing, piercing, branding, scarification, genital beading, elective amputations, bodybuilding, tattooing, tongue splitting, implants, plastic surgeries, trans-gender surgeries and everything in between.

They explain in detail their thoughts on the difference between body modification and mutilation, their feelings on discrimination, addiction, religion and the legal limits regarding the right to choose what someone can and can’t do to their own body.

Major Cast:
Fakir Musafar, Jim Ward, Steve Haworth, Allen Falkner, Gary Alter, MD, Julio L. Garcia, MD, Frank Marino, Steve Joyner, Masuimi Max, Joseph Patterson, Mike Morris, Jesse Jarrell, Stalking Cat, Alex Sandoval, Jen Davis, Screwfish, Trigger, Sally Hayes, Zulu, Bear, Pat Blacksmith & Paul Stoll

Written and Directed by Jason Gary & Greg Jacobson

The back cover of Modify has a warning in big red letters: UNCUT & UNRATED; not for sale to minors. That’s an understatement! This is by far the most graphic documentary I have ever seen, on any subject. More than once, Modify actually made me feel woozy. I might not have made it through this film (and let’s set the record straight – fake gore = no problem, this film = sick to my stomach) if it were not for the fact that Modify was by far the most comprehensive, well-made documentary on the subject of body modification that I have ever seen.

Modify covers so many aspects of body modification that the list above (from the back of the box) is actually quite condensed. Everything I had ever heard of (and many things I had NEVER heard of) in the realm of modification was explained, discussed, and shown to the viewer. It’s amazing how much information the filmmakers packed into 85 minutes!

More important than the procedures themselves, Modify also goes into depth about why people make the choices in modification that are becoming more common. Not too long ago, tattoos were still pretty taboo. Fifteen years ago, a tongue piercing was rare. Now laser scarification and elective amputation are becoming more commonplace. In a world where nearly every younger person has a tattoo, those people really into modification have to push the envelope – and it’s amazing where the envelope lands (for example: tandem suspension, where a person is hung from hooks in their back, and then a second person is hung from similar back-hooks attached to the first person’s knees… I’m not making that up!)

Overall, Modify was an extremely well researched and well produced film. The technical quality of the film and sound were on par with any larger budget film I’ve seen; the interviews and interviewees were interesting, mostly-well spoken individuals with strong feelings on the subject at hand; the editing and music were professional; overall just a great documentary. Modify is well worth sitting through, if you can stomach it. Avert your eyes if you have to, but do your best to make it through this film if you have any interest in the subject at all, because you will be extremely hard-pressed to find any other film that will inform you more than Modify.

Overall 9 / 10

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