Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (RePost from the old Ryan’s Reviews site)

Description (from the box):

A violent criminal named Remington fools a mother into trusting him. When she leaves him home alone with her young son, Nicholas, Remington and his friends take sick pleasure in abusing the boy, who seeks comfort in his pet rabbit. One night, however, the abusers can’t find Nicholas… but an Easter Bunny0masked killer has found them, and wants bloody revenge on the boy’s tormentors!

Major Cast:

Tim Muskatell as Remington, Charlotte Marie as Mindy, Ricardo Gray as Nicholas, David Z. Stamp as Ray, Trent Haaga as Bum / Donald

Written and Directed by Chad Ferrin

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! is a shining example of a low budget flick that doesn’t use it’s low budget as a cop out. Many low budget horror just figure that the audience is going to know that it’s low budget, so why even try for production values. Not EBKK – this little semi-slasher flick has some of the best production values of any of the films I’ve reviewed. The picture quality is great, the sound effects are well done, the dialogue is easy to hear and understand, the acting is above average, and the score is awesome!

I love that this movie plays with your expectations right from the get-go. When I first heard the title EBKK, I saw in my head some sort of Easter “camp” with horny teenagers getting laid and then getting slaughtered. I was relieved to see upon watching that EBKK has no horny teenagers anywhere. And the character thrown into peril to get the plot moving along is a 16-year old mentally handicapped child (a role extremely well performed by Ricardo Gray)… I can’t remember the last time I saw a protagonist like that in a slasher flick! I also can’t remember the last time I saw a mentally handicapped child sold to a pedophile for drugs. EBKK doesn’t like the limits, and just blows right by them.

EBKK also is one of the darker horror films I’ve seen recently. Not just dark in story content, but literally dark. Once the bunny-masked killer shows up, much of the film takes place in unlit rooms in Mindy’s house. This adds to the atmosphere, and the paranoia, as you can not see what is around the characters. The dark also adds to the impact of the gore in this film. While many low budget slashers go for the most gratuitous gore possible, EBKK has much of its gore occurring in the dark, with only bits and pieces able to be seen by the viewer. Reminiscent of the “ear-cutting” scene in Reservoir Dogs, I feel that this more subtle, implied gore is much more psychologically effective to the viewer.

To me, EBKK feels a bit like a modern Giallo. This feeling is first made obvious by the incredible score by The Giallo’s Flame – very Goblins or Morricone. But more than the music, many elements of the Giallo are there. The viewer does not really know who the killer is until the end, typical of the Giallo, and many of the killings are shot from the view of the killer – through the bunny mask – another trademark of the Giallo. Also a common theme in the Giallo, EBKK has a child in peril, though this convention is thrown on its head as the killer is not the one threatening the child, but protecting him. Lastly, there are no guns in the film, all of the killings are done “manually,” which further supports the idea that EBKK is a modern American Giallo.

I only had a couple of issues with EBKK. First, I felt that some of the victims of the bunny-masked killer did not really deserve what they got (however, some others deserved worse!) that these characters were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. My other drawback was that I had a hard time suspending my disbelief with the very end of the film, but if you’ve made it that far believing in this story, I guess one more little suspension isn’t TOO much to ask!

Overall, EBKK is one of the finest low budget horror films I have seen in a while. Unlike many of it’s low budget brethren, EBKK never slips into comedy (not to say it does not have ANY laughs) – this is one darks, sick, and twisted flick. EBKK has taken the time to focus on many elements lacking in a lot of low budget horror – namely good quality sound (and score, though many other low budget films end up with cool local music), upper crust acting, great atmosphere, and a nice twist. I’m looking forward to seeing more films from Crappy World, and I recommend this flick to any aspiring low budget filmmaker out there as a wonderful example of making a movie on a low budget that does not advertise it’s lack of cash!

Overall 7.5 / 10


Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! on the imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0780506

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! is not for sale yet officially, but it appears that screeners are available from http://www.myspace.com/easterbunnykillkill

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! site: http://www.crappyworldfilms.com/


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