Girl with Gun (RePost from the old Ryan’s Reviews site)

Description (from

Gwen has a problem . . .

Her best friend Mitzi and on-and-off love Dan thinks she is a 20-something working woman.

In reality, she is the Nightingale, an assassin who helps the innocent when they cannot help themselves.

Just as her life with Dan is going well, they mistakenly meet at a restaurant where she is on a new assignment to assassinate an underworld Mob Boss. This conflict causes her to lose focus at the moment Ninja Girl, another astute assassin, successfully comes to the Mob Boss’ rescue in a martial arts match of a lifetime.

Her defeat, Dan’s rejection of her, and Mitzi’s perfect, relaxed life leads Gwen to further contemplate the dichotomy that is her own existence. And, as another assignment looms, she must decide what her next move will be . . .

Major Cast:

Tracy OConnor as Gwen Hunter; Michelle Martin as Mitzi; Erick Holloway as Dan

Written by Emile Haris

Directed by
Russ Emmanuel

Girl with Gun has got to be one of the slickest, most Hollywood short Ive had sent to me for review. The picture quality looks very close to film (though it appeared to me to be in fake wide screen), the lighting was very professional, there was a lot of production value (including guns, impressive costuming, a Hummer, etc.), and there was even a SAG member among the cast. Viewing GwG was much different than what I have become accustomed to, with all the micro-budgeted pictures I have reviewed. I dont know what the budget for GwG was, but Im sure it was much higher than anything else I have had sent to me.

The acting in GwG was good, as you would expect from a film that has hit so many of the other bases. The action was well filmed and even employed the use of some wire-work (though I did feel that if youre going to take the time to do wire-work, you should use it a bite more impressively than GwG employed the technique). I did dig on the kung-fu fight that the wire-work debuted in, however, the choreography was much above what I would expect to see in most the films I review.

My biggest problem with GwG was that fact that it did not feel like a short film, it felt more like a pilot – either trying to get a full-length budget and deal, or trying to audition its self as a TV show (and it would probably be a big hit on Spike TV!) My other issue with this film is the whole hero /antihero thing. The main character, whos known by the moniker The Nightingale, is out to do good, by killing bad people. Real heroes dont kill people, at least, they dont have to. And more than that, she seems to be a hired assassin that kills bad people. A hero wouldnt get paid to kill, thats by far not the definition. Now, The Nightingale could be an antihero, but shes too good for that. Shes too nice, too caring to be truly come off as an antihero. So were stuck in the strange middle ground between the two character types, and I cant decided where she fits in.

Overall, GwG was a slick, fast-paced, seemingly big-budgeted action short that was fun to watch. Im sure that if the right people were to see this film, I will see The Nightingale again.

Overall 7 / 10


Girl with Gun on the imdb:

Girl with Gun does not appear to be fore sale

Girl with Gun site:


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