Carnage for the Destroyer (aka Appollyon the Destroyer) (RePost from the old Ryan’s Reviews site)

Carnage for the Destroyer Description (from the box):

In Chris Seavers 25th Film Appollyon the Destroyer Sebastian gathers his Haunted House Staff for a weekend of renovations to get ready for the upcoming Halloween season when they accidentally awaken the spirit of Viking God, Appollyon the Destroyer, from his ancient slumber. Now the group must survive the night and vanquish the vengeful spirit before its too late. Chock full of cheesy 80s fantasy-movie-metal, enough blood and grue to satisfy even the most jaded gore hound, and all the vulgar comedy one would expect by now from any LBP release. Filmed on location in and around Cleveland and Parma, Ohio, including locally famous Bloodview Haunted House!

Major Cast: Travis Indovina as Sebastian, Teenape as Himself, Meredith Host as Morgana, Jen Stone as Beatrice, Matt Puckerchord as The Meistro, AJ Stabone as Choach, Emily Meister as Leni, Dave White as The Destroyer

Special Features: None (Screener Copy) Tempe version contains: Audio Commentary with Chris Seaver, Audio Commentary with the LBP cast & crew, Behind the Scenes Featurette, Cast Rehearsal, Epic Metal commercial, and Splatter Rampage DVD Trailers

written and directed by Chris Seaver

DVD by Tempe Video / Splatter Rampage

Carnage for the Destroyer is a step above your average LBP (Low Budget Pictures, Seavers production company) right from the get-go. Instead of immediately jumping into a ska riff with people acting like idiots, CftD has a long intro that explains to the audience who Appollyon the Destroyer is and why we should be afraid. This intro would almost be too hoity-toity for a LBP film if it wasnt for the fact that the words of doom are at first playing over a shot of a toy boat in a bathtub. The toy boat is replaced by shots of Appollyon, and eventually after what seems to be a very LONG intro, the LBP humor kicks off with a driving ska riff, letting us know that this is indeed a LBP picture.

Even though the humor and music are your average LBP, the intro also brings forth the new look of LBP. Instead of your average one-chip digital camcorder that LBP used to be shot on, CftD has stepped up to a new level of video sophistication. CftD is shot in 24p, and if you dont know what that means let me put it this way: not nearly so crappy looking! While the lighting is still minimal in CftD, the overall picture quality is leaps and bounds above the previous LBP pictures Ive seen.

Sebastian and his motley group of helpers are planning the most epic Halloween ever, based on a fever dream of sorts that Sebastian had. The theme of the haunted house is to be Appollyon the Destroyer, and the destruction he causes. So Sebastian gathers his group, plans their layout, and they get started on building the best haunted house ever.

Unfortunately for them, Sebastian has to explain to everyone who Appollyon is, and he does so in so much detail that, much like the Evil Dead films, he accidentally summons the vengeful spirit. Appollyon shows up, and the gore starts to fly, beginning with a somewhat disappointing head-crushing by Appollyons super-cool weapon of destruction – a big wooden mallet. From then on in there is no mistaking that you are watching a LBP flick.

As if there was before – only LBP would bring us a character that just loves to pee, no matter where she is, which (among just about everything else) gets her very hot and bothered. Theres also the recurring LBP characters Coach, who must preserve his sweat because his asskickingness comes from his perspiration; The Meistro, who is filming his new reality TV show; and of course Teenape, who is in normal Teenape posture, screwing women and leaving them with little more than a punch in the eye.

CftD shows growth, as the film does not look like your average LBP flick. Yes, the lighting is still minimal (and is pretty bad in the haunted house), and the characters are still your average LBP, but the composition of the shots in CftD are tighter and more interesting than any other LBP flick Ive seen. Obviously the picture quality is much better than before, and even the sound quality – while not stellar – is above most LBP. The performances are good, not in a going to win an Oscar type of way, but everyone stays within character, and preserve their characters tics. Seaver knows how to make his peeps do what he sees in his head and what he sees in his head is pretty damned funny!

Much like the rest of the LBP catalogue, you will probably either love this flick or hate it. I doubt there will be many people who think this movie is ok. If you are into splatstick, and you dont mind a lack of real special effects or lighting quality, I would highly recommend CftD. If you cant deal with no-budget films, or have a problem with offensive (and I mean OFFENSIVE) humor, not only is CftD probably not for you, you should just stay away from LBP in general. Actually, if you dont like no-budget flicks, what are you doing here reading this anyway?

Overall Carnage for the Destroyer is my favorite LBP film to date. It has all of the offensive, outrageous humor and 80s references (including Stamos) you would come to expect from LBP, but the production value is well above the earlier LBP offerings. I actually would recommend this film to anyone who has yet to experience LBP and is looking for a flick to start out on.

Overall 8 / 10

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