The Goat Sucker (RePost from the old Ryan’s Reviews site)

Description (from the box):

Enter the bizarre world of visionary young director Matthew Reel! Working primarily as a mood piece and highly experimental in its approach, THEGOAT SUCKER is the darkly comical tale of a desert dwelling serial killer and snuff filmmaker haunted by perverse thoughts and foreboding satanic visions. He knows he will kill again He just needs the perfect star for his next film

Major Cast:

Emily Tillman as Dead Bitch #1, Matthew Reel as The Goat Sucker, Kevin Lessek as Purvis, Jessica Pidd as Dead Bitch #3, Elske McCain as Candy

Written by Matthew Reel

Directed by Matthew Reel

The Goat Sucker opens with a dark and grainy tracking shot of a woman walking alone at night, right away we know shes NOT going to get home safe tonight. Enter The Goat Sucker, a psychotic hulking serial killer clad in a bright yellow wrestling mask. Its a good thing that the description of this movie doesnt imply this is your average serial killer flick. Theres nothing average about The Goat Sucker.

The film is digital, but great care has gone into the post-production. The Goat Sucker feels so 1972-art-film to me. Very psychedelic, disjointed, jarring, disturbing, surreal, and beautiful. The apparent film-stock changes throughout the presentation of The Goat Sucker, adding to the hallucinatory feel of the movie. In the same scene, The Goat Sucker will present itself as 70s celluloid, then modern digital, then intentionally overexposed, followed by soft-focus. This is someones nightmare, but the question is who? Is the dreamer the Goat Sucker, or Candy, or the viewer?

Also adding to the nightmarish quality of The Goat Sucker is the nearly absent dialogue. There is very little speech in this film, and when someone does speak their voice is often distorted, twisted, or pitch-shifted to sound demonic. The only easily understandable speech in the film comes at the end of Act I as The Goat Sucker sits and listens to his victim plead not for her life, but for her death.

Nearly everything in The Goat Sucker adds to the 70s feel of the film; the only exceptions would be the video quality of the Dead Bitch #3 snuff film (which seems more early 80s) and product labels. Otherwise, the illusion is complete, a great task for a very low-budget short film.

While only clocking in at about 23 minutes, The Goat Sucker feels like more of an ordeal. The images digested by the viewer feel longer, heavier, more intense than most short films Ive seen. The film is just as long as it should be – if it were longer the intense visuals would start to be too much; any shorter and it would not have the languid, meandering feel of the art film that this short amazingly invokes.

The imagery in this film is deep and textured. When I watched this film at TromaDance New Mexico 2005 I felt it was Lynchian in its approach, but upon later viewings I have realized that even David Lynch isnt this trippy. The Goat Sucker jumps from reality to dream to nightmare to psychosis-induced furor without ever warning you what is what. This fracturing of the narrative makes for a film that many people will hate, as it has very few conventional aspects. Conversely, many others who are tired of the mainstream, others who understand art films, others that feel you dont always need everything spelled out for you in a movie, these people will be amazed and enthralled by Depravity in its most fantastic form!

Overall 8 / 10


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