Dude Vision (2005) (RePost from the old Ryan’s Reviews site)

Description (from imdb.com):

One day in the life of a dude… What’s a guy supposed to do? Women have no idea of the daily sacrifices a guy makes just to maintain a stable relationship. We have to constantly forgo impulses, stave off fantasies galore, and sometimes fight our way through the humiliation of all-day mall shopping. We just want to survive …and squeeze in a few hours of video games.

Major Cast:

Erik Hovda as Eric, Juoy Luzania as Vero, Jon Proudstar as Jon

Written and Directed by Jon Proudstar

On Dude Vision’s myspace page (www.myspace.com/dudevision), Jon Proudstar’s bio states that “Jon was driven to prove that a low budget quality film could be produced in Tucson.” I believe that he has succeeded admirably. Dude Vision was an intelligent low-budget comedy, that unlike many of the entries in the low-budget comedy genre did NOT rely on camp or cheesy sight gags or gore to get a laugh. Don’t get me wrong – I like camp, cheesy sight gags, and gore to get a laugh; I’m just saying that Dude Vision, a low budget comedy that is absent of these very common elements, succeeds wholeheartedly without them. There wasn’t even a fart joke.

Dude Vision is Jon’s thoughts and fantasies on screen for the viewer to share. Jon address the audience, explaining to them what is going on in this dude’s head. His fantasies are displayed for us at home, and they’re damned funny. I especially enjoyed the Star Wars fantasy, even thought I’m not a big fan of Star Wars.

Jon is a lucky guy and a good boyfriend to Vero, but he has a tendency to let his eyes wander, and she has a tendency to kick the crap out of him (mostly emotionally) for it. Jon explains to us that it’s not his fault, he’s a dude, and that’s the way we’re wired. Vero, on the other hand, lays traps for her boyfriend to fall into, trying to prove to herself and to Jon that he is not the good boyfriend that we know he is.

Dude Vision is filled with intelligent monologue and dialogue, above-par acting for low budget in all of the major roles, decent sound, and good direction. The film did have some flaws in my eyes – the lighting needed work in some places, and I felt that the movie was too short. I also felt that the film would have benefited from looking more like it was on film, not digital. The digital look of the film made it’s budget obvious; otherwise I don’t think this film would be easily spotted as being a “low budget” feature.

Just as I was really getting into the film, it was over. Without packaging to refer to, I had assumed that Dude Vision was a feature, and I felt that the film could have easily been much longer, even feature length. Overall, watching Dude Vision was a half hour very well spent.

Overall 7 / 10

Dude Vision on the imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472076/

Dude Vision doesn’t seem to be for sale yet…

Dude Vision site: http://www.dudevision.com


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