Cross (2004) (RePost from the old Ryan’s Reviews site)

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Ex-Hitman, Phillip Cross is trying to escape his past, but when an overzealous heir frames him forthe murder of his old crime boss, he’s about to find out that he cannot escape his fate. Produced Entirely in Albuquerque, NM, This film was made on almost zero budget, with minimal equipmentand in the time frame of 2 months. Grand Prize Winner at The Burning Paradise Presents TromaDance, NM Film Festival 2004 Includes almost an hour of Extras such as: “2 Months to Insanity: The Making Of Cross” Featurette Filmmaker Commentary Award Winning Short Films: “Laser Squad Action Force” “Tale of 2 Bobs” “SuperPup”Trailer for “A Girl and A Gun”

Major Cast: Robert Paul Medrano as Phillip Cross, Alan Himes as Leon, Ash Wednesday as Aldo Devlin, Kurly Tlapoyawa as Darius

written by Mary Gardner and Mikel-Jon West

directed by Chris L. Dillon

DVD by Burning Paradise Video

Cross is a wonderful example of what can be done on talent alone.  This film, a well written, well acted (for a no-budget) action / thriller is the story of Phillip Cross (Robert Paul Medrano), an ex-hitman with some advantages.  What advantages?  He’s not your average mobster, actually he’s trying to get out of that life.  He is not quite human, he is from a people that can (usually) only be seen when they want you to see them… a great trick for a hitman.

The film’s script is solid and most of the acting is above par for a no-budget film.  The lack of money is most apparent in the technical quality (shot on a low-quality digital camera with not much for lighting) and the sound quality.  The sound was my biggest problem with this film, which is normal for low and no budget features.  Thankfully, there are subtitles on this disc (most no-budgets I’ve seen DON’T have these, but they would be a great help when your audio sucks!) which can help you get through the hard to hear audio, and some actors hard to understand accents.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film.  I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind low production values and is looking for something new in the crime genre.  This film was the feature winner at the first annual TromaDance New Mexico film festival.

Overall 7/10

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